Features of Kamado Joe Garden Grills

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Looking to cook up a storm this summer? The Kamado Joe Garden Grills range is one of the best on the market; guaranteeing perfect barbequed results. These expert grills are sure to last for many years and there’s a number of models available to suit all BBQ enthusiasts. 

Here, we’ll look at some of the key features of Kamado Joe Garden Grills that make them some of the best on the market. 

Divide & Conquer Cooking System

One of the main features of Kamado Joe garden grills, is the company’s patented Divide & Conquer cooking system. This impressive feature enables you to cook different foods on a multi-level half rack system, each at different temperatures. 

The ability to cook foods at different temperatures at the same time is fantastic. It means you’ll be able to ensure that everything cooks evenly, without having to cook different foods separately.

It works via the half-moon heat deflector. You can successfully partially block off the heat on the different levels, adjusting its temperature. The multi-level design also allows you to cook more food at the same time than many of its competitors. The tiered grates expand the cooking space, enabling you to cook a variety of different foods. 

Patented ash door

The stand-alone, Classic II and Big Joe Kamado grills come with a great patented ash door. This slides right out to make cleaning the ash a quick and easy process. You won’t need to sweep ash from underneath the grill, or spend time taking the grill apart to clean it. 

Air lift hinge

The manufacturers have worked hard to ensure the Kamado grills are easy to use. One great feature is the air lift hinge incorporated into the grill’s lid. This prevents the lid from slamming shut, reducing it’s weight by up to 96%. You could even lift the lid with one finger if needed. It’s a small feature which makes a massive difference to the grill’s ease of use. 

Top vent

Kamado Joe models benefit from a Kontrol Tower Top Vent. This is rust and weatherproof and is made from 100% aluminium. It enables you to maintain exact air control settings, by easily opening and closing the vent. 

AMP firebox

Each grill within the range comes with an Advanced Multi-Panel Firebox. This greatly reduces the risk of breakage, while offering hours of heat retention. It’s a six-piece firebox, benefitting from a fantastic durable design. 

Stainless steel latch

Kamado Joe grills focus on superior quality, even to the smallest of details. That’s why the manufacturer has included tough, durable stainless-steel latches. They are self-activating and ultra-air-tight, ensuring the heat stays inside the grill. It also prevents smoke from escaping, producing a much more flavourful grilling experience. 

Built in thermometer

The thermometer on the Kamado Joe grills is conveniently placed on the outside of the grill, on the lid. This enables you to see exactly what temperature the food is cooking at without compromising the heat within the grill. 

These are just some of the features that stand out with the Kamado Joe garden grills range. When it comes to quality and innovative features, these grills really can’t be beaten.