The Importance of Servicing Your Stove

Stephen Kilby Wharfe Valley Stoves

Regardless of which type of stove you own, it’s important to get it serviced at least once a year. This doesn’t just ensure it is running effectively; it also helps you to identify any potential issues before they become a costly problem.

Here, we’ll look at why servicing your stove is important and the benefits it delivers.

Why should you service your stove?

Stove servicing is important for a number of reasons. Primarily, it helps to ensure your stove is running correctly and efficiently. The majority of manufacturers state that their stoves should be serviced and swept annually for the warranty/guarantee.

Over time, the parts of the stove can become corroded or seized. This would prove costly to repair and would obviously result in some downtime too. So, by paying a little for annual servicing, you could be saving yourself a lot of money in the long-term.

If you’re using a solid fuel stove it becomes particularly important to service it annually. This is because they can potentially produce harmful gases. Without servicing, these gases can start to leak into the home. For this reason, it’s actually a legal requirement to have a carbon monoxide detector installed with solid fuel stoves.

Can you service it yourself?

Although there are some parts of the servicing which could be carried out by yourself, it’s important to enlist the services of a professional. This is because it’s simply not safe to carry out the full service alone.

Not only does professional servicing protect you, but it also protects the warranty of the stove too. Most manufacturers include a clause that the stove needs to be serviced professionally in order to retain its warranty. If you do service it yourself therefore, you could end up damaging the stove and voiding its warranty.

Proper stove servicing requires an HETAS qualified professional. At Wharfe Valley Stoves, we provide a thorough stove servicing service to fit each type of stove. Our experts are highly skilled and have been providing stove servicing for many years.

What is included in a service?

When you book stove servicing, a Hetas Engineer will strip the stove down before giving it a thorough clean. They will also clean the flue and the chimney if required. The glass of the stove will also be professionally cleaned, ensuring it looks brand new by the time the service has finished.

When should you get your stove serviced?

Ideally, the stove should be serviced at the start or the end of the winter period. The end of the season is especially ideal as this tends to be the quietest time. A lot of people choose to have their stoves serviced right before Christmas. This is a bad idea because if a problem is detected, you could be without your stove for one of the coldest periods, also this is the hardest part of the year to get hold of spares as stove manufacturers focus on the actual stoves. Servicing it at the end of the colder season will allow for plenty of time to make repairs if needed.

Servicing the stove at the end of winter can also be cheaper. So, if you’re looking to save money, book your annual service once the winter season has ended.

Stove servicing is extremely important. Not only does it ensure you aren’t wasting money through inefficient heating, but it also guarantees the safety of your stove too. Book a service through Wharfe Valley Stoves today and benefit from a thorough, professional service.