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At Wharfe Valley Stoves, we don’t just offer one of the largest collections of stoves in Yorkshire, we also provide professional stove servicing.

While all of our stoves are built to an exceptional standard, they do require some level of maintenance to keep them working effectively. Part of this ongoing maintenance is stove servicing. Ideally, your stove should be serviced at least once a year. It’s recommended this is done just before winter to ensure you have a reliable heat source throughout the colder months.

How important is stove servicing?

There are many reasons why stove servicing is important. Firstly, it ensures any potential problems are picked up on quickly. This reduces the potential cost of repairs and prevents any downtime; particularly useful in the winter months! It also ensures the stove is working as efficiently as possible.

Another reason why it’s important to regularly have the stove serviced, is because it could be a key part of its warranty. If you fail to keep up with servicing, the warranty on your stove may become void, resulting in potentially costly repairs.

What does our servicing package consist of?

When you book stove servicing through Wharfe Valley Stoves, we ensure all parts of the stove are serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Our expert technicians will strip down the stove before giving it a thorough clean. They will also scan for any parts of the stove which may need to be replaced or repaired. As well as cleaning the stove’s parts, we’ll also fully clean the glass with a professional specialist cleaner. By the time we’ve finished, your stove will look as good as new.

Wharfe Valley Stoves has a long history of servicing stoves in the Yorkshire area. Our friendly and professional technicians can service any type of stove. With our years of experience, you can rest assured you’re getting the very best stove servicing in the region.

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