Terms and Conditions

All quotations are fully inclusive and fixed, meaning we will honour our price regardless of how complex the installation may be. Should the installation deviate from the one surveyed, additional costs may be incurred.

Whilst our technicians endeavour to keep dust levels to a minimum, we cannot guarantee that no dust will settle as soot can be produced in microscopic particles which can bypass even the finest of filters.  We would recommend that all furnishings in the immediate vicinity are covered or removed.

Unless otherwise specified, our quotation allows for ladder access only. Should additional equipment be required to allow work to be undertaken safely which is not  evident at the time of survey, a quote for the necessary additional equipment will be provided before commencement of work. In adverse weather conditions it may be necessary to reschedule the work.

Flue testing
Testing a flue provides only an indication of the integrity of the flue on the day the test is carried out to BS6461 test, not that it is 100% guaranteed safe.

A 50% deposit is required upon placement of order with the balance due upon receipt of the invoice upon completion. All outstanding invoices more than 14 days will incur a 10% surcharge and be subject to interest at 2% per month, compounded monthly. Furthermore all costs of recovery will be the liability of the customer. Any bank charges incurred as a result of unpaid cheques will be added to the invoice.  Goods remain the property of the company until paid for in full.

All materials used and appliances fitted carry a manufacturers guarantee.  All work carried out is guaranteed against defective workmanship for a period of 12 months from completion.

Utilisation of customers own materials or equipment
If these items are found to be defective in any way, additional costs incurred to rectify the situation will be the responsibility of the customer. Any materials supplied by the customer will not be subject to the companies guarantee,

Flue lining
Where a flue lining cannot be completed due to an unexpected narrowing of the flue or a tight bend it may be necessary to make an access hole for which labour charges will be due.
When a chimney pot cannot be removed without damage, a new pot will be charged for.
The type and size of the lining you have fitted may limit the type of appliance that can be used, please ensure that you have had the differences explained and that you are conversant with them. If we are fitting a lining to an existing appliance we will undertake to fit the correct lining, if however no appliance is on site, responsibility for choosing an appliance to match the lining rests with you the customer.

Preparing and opening up a fireplace
Unless otherwise specified in our quotation the opening is assumed to be a standard finished opening size. Where a new lintel or other modification to the opening is required a small additional cost will be incurred.

Where natural materials are used we are unable to guarantee consistency of colour or finish. No warranty is either given or implied on Oak beam products, as it is a natural product and will react differently depending on usage conditions
Where fitting man-made products, in particular cast stone, we will undertake to fit to a tolerance centred on the chimney breast of 10mm, and on joints, 2mm. and where the level of the existing floors and walls is uneven, it will be necessary to compensate for this.

Where a deposit has been taken for goods or materials procured to a customer’s personal specification, the deposit is taken on the understanding that it is not refundable.  Where goods have been supplied and we agree to return to stock, a handling charge will be made of 20%

All our engineers are HETAS qualified

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