Wood Burning Stoves

Wharfe Valley Stoves are the leading retailers of Wood Burning Stoves.

We supply well known quality brands such as Town & Country, Stovax, Dean Forge and Charlton & Jenrick as well as many others. Our Wood Burning Stoves are extremely efficient and offer a high heat output without compromise on design. An open fire is likely to only be about 20% efficient, whilst our Wood Burning Stoves can be as much as 80% efficient, three times that of a traditional open fireplace.

Our carefully selected collection of stoves is available in a range of traditional and contemporary designs which will look great in any room. Furthermore wood is carbon-neutral fuel, it does release carbon dioxide when it is burnt but this is equivalent to a tree that was storing it as it was growing. If the tree were to begin to die and rot it would still release off the same amount of carbon dioxide as when it is burnt.

Wharfe Valley Stoves also stocks clean-burn systems that will circulate the gases burnt into the stove which are then burnt off enabling it to reduce emissions. We have many stoves on display in our showroom in Collingham, near Wetherby.

Here you can view live displays and get a feel as to how your stove would look in your home.

If you have any questions about any of our Wood Burning Stove models please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email or fill out the form in the footer. Alternatively, why not call into our showrooms as we would love to help!

Purevision PVR Stove by Wharfe Valley Stoves

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