Benefits of Wood Burning Stoves

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Wood burning stoves are without a doubt the most popular type of stove on the market. Inspiring a cosy, romantic and luxurious ambience, they don’t just look fantastic; they’re also an excellent heat source in the colder months.

So, if you’re looking to add a modern, stylish heat source into the home, below you’ll discover some of the main benefits that come from choosing wood burning stoves.

Stylish & Effective

One of the main reasons wood burning stoves have proven to be so popular, is down to their stylish, aesthetically pleasing design. They become a focal point of the room, adding elegance and character that you just won’t find with other stove types.

It’s not just their looks which make them stand out, they’re also extremely effective. They offer a powerful source of heat and come in a wide variety of sizes. No matter what size room you’re looking to heat up, there’s a wood burning stove to match your requirements. You won’t need to worry about it cutting out in the event of a power cut either.

So, if you’re looking for an effective yet stylish heat source for the home that’s sure to work all year round, a wood burning stove is a great choice.

Creates a beautiful homely feel

No other stove creates the same homely ambience as a wood burning model. The combination of beautiful dancing flames and cosy heat adds a real warm and welcoming feel to the room. In the colder months, this is a particularly great benefit, helping the home to feel like a cosy retreat.

Wood Burning Stoves & The Environment

Wood burning stoves are considered to be carbon neutral. This means, they don’t release excess carbon dioxide into the environment. So, when you compare it to other fuel types such as gas and coal, a wood burning stove is much healthier for the environment.


Perhaps one of the best benefits of a wood burning stove, is that it’s a cost-effective heating solution. Running the stove will cost a lot less than it would to run an electric, gas or oil stove. It’s also a lot more efficient than an open wood fire. You can expect to benefit from up to 80% efficiency when running a wood burning stove. This of course, adds up to real cost savings. The more efficient a heating source is, the it’s going to cost you to run it.

So, if you’re looking to save potentially hundreds of pounds off your heating bill, this type of stove is highly recommended.


Finally, when you buy a wood burning stove, you can rest assured it’s going to be a reliable heating source. Extreme weather such as frost, snow and flooding, can cause havoc for traditional heating systems. However, a wood burning stove isn’t going to be cut off if extreme weather does hit. So, if you’re looking for reliable heating all year round, a wood burning stove is definitely an ideal option.

These are just some of the benefits so if you are looking for a wood burning stove in Leeds and the surrounding villages then you’ll find a huge range of designs available at our showroom in Collingham.