Varde Ovne Stoves

Varde Ovne Stoves Suppliers UKWe are now leading suppliers of Varde Ovne Stoves across the UK. Varde Ovne are well known for manufacturing well functional, premium quality stoves with luxurious Scandinavian designs. The company prides itself of producing  innovative yet simple to use woodburning stoves that offer an essential part of heating your home through the cold Winters. Varde Ovne ensure their products have the ability to easily remove ash from the chamber for low maintenance to the users. They also offer a CO2 neutral heating solution while fully utilising fuel.

Most of these products are wood / log burning stoves as this is a tradition of the country of origin

With our wide range of Varde Ovne stoves to choose from,in our Wetherby, Leeds and Harrogate Showrooms, you will be sure to find the perfect solution for your home and interior décor.

If you would like to see our range of Varde Ovne stoves of demonstration displays then please feel free to drop by our showrooms and we will happily show you. We will guide you through your decisions with our expert advice and ensure you only purchase the right stove to suit your requirements