Nordpeis Stoves

Buy Nordpeis Stoves from Wharfe Valley StovesWharfe Valley Stoves now offer Nordpeis Stoves as part of their product range in showrooms across Yorkshire. Nordpeis were established in 1984 and is now the market leader in the heating and fireplace sector in Norway

The company is built on the the knowledge and experience of having effective and efficient heating sources in a country with such harsh Winters. Their woodburning furnaces have been a part of their culture for several centuries which has allowed Nordpeis Stoves to manufacture such quality products.

Their stoves boast clean contemporary Scandinavian designs and clean combustion technology to give our customers a premium heating facility.

If you would like to speak to us regarding our models then please feel free to call or email us. Alternatively we have a range of Nordpeis Stoves on display in our Showrooms in Wetherby, Harrogate and Leeds