Log Burning Stoves in Yorkshire

Wharfe Valley Stoves are the leading retailers of Log Burning Stoves in Yorkshire.

Log burning stoves are essentially a type of wood-burning stove; popular with those seeking a more traditional option. They typically require logs to burn, which does mean you will need to either buy the logs or collect them yourself. It is possible to burn other types of wood, such as pellets, in many log burning stoves. However, the log burning varieties offer the most similar design to an open fire. With a log burning stove, they tend to be slow burning. This means you’ll get to enjoy the warm, cosy heat for much longer after it’s been switched off, than some other stove types. They are also available in a wide variety of designs. You can come and view our great selection of log burning stoves in our North Leeds based showroom. For more information on log burning stoves, or to find out if this is the right type to fit your requirements, contact Wharfe Valley Stoves today.

Log Burning Stoves by Wharfe Valley Stoves

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