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Stovax Stoves is renowned as the leading UK stove and fireplace manufacturer. Based in Exeter, the brand has been operating for over 38 years. Offering a range of traditional and contemporary models, there’s a stove in this high-quality collection to suit every home.

Who are Stovax Stoves?

Stovax Stoves was founded in 1981 in Exeter. Initially, the company focused on the design and manufacture of wood burning stoves and fireplace accessories. In 1988, it launched a sister company known as Gazco, which expanded into the gas and electric stove market.

The two companies continue to work closely together, offering a huge choice of stoves. Their products aren’t just popular in the UK; they’re also shipped to 25 other countries worldwide.

In 2006, the brand purchased the established Yeoman company; known for its rustic wood burning stove designs. Under the company’s name, Stovax Stoves produces a range of gas, multifuel and electric stoves and fires.

Company Values

The company operates under several core values. These include:

  • To be accountable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Driving innovation
  • Putting the customer first
  • Passion for what they do

Stovax Stoves cares about its customers and understand the importance of being accountable. It is focused on delivering the highest standard of service and putting customers first. The team are continuously working to develop new, innovative stoves which deliver on efficiency, performance and affordability.

What makes the company stand out, is its passion for the industry. It cares about producing the best stoves and fires, consistently working to improve its standards and surpassing customer expectations.

Extensive Range of Stoves

Stovax Stoves supplies one of the largest stove and fire collections in the UK. Whether you’re searching for a wood, multifuel, electric or gas stove, you’ll find a range of both traditional and contemporary designs available. Below, you’ll discover a brief overview of the different ranges available.

Wood & Multifuel Stoves

The wood and multifuel stoves in the range are designed to be clean burning. They come in a variety of designs and sizes to ensure they blend into any environment. Some of the top wood burning stoves and multifuel stoves in the Stovax range include Brunel, Stockton, Vogue, Riva and the Freestanding Elise.

Gas stoves

The gas stoves in the collection are produced by the brands sister company Gazco. They are available in numerous fuel effects, with manual or remote-controlled operation. They also come in a wide range of sizes and designs, with top brands including Studio, Vogue, Stockton and Huntingdon.

Electric stoves

The electric stoves are also produced by sister company Gazco. They are designed with elegance and authenticity in mind. They don’t require a chimney, but they do provide a realistic flame effect. The contemporary style stoves come with VeriFlame technology, allowing them to be remote-controlled. Popular brands include Stockton, Vogue, Marlborough2 and Huntingdon.

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